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Getting a Driving License in Dubai, UAE

ASTS Legal Translation Dubai” is one of the most engaged legal translation company for the official translation of Driving License in Dubai and the whole of UAE. As you know, people of UAE are not only passionate and desirous to experience driving in UAE, but also it is a needful activity for the commuters, who use to go to their distant workplaces in their own vehicles.

Additionally, driving in UAE is an utmost necessity of everyone on day to day basis as well as for seasoned motorists eager to get back in the driving seat. It is helpful to go out with family and discover great places in Dubai and the whole of UAE. Driving is also a great tool to shop at your most favorite shopping malls around UAE.

What you need translation of your driving license and get UAE driving license?

There is good news for expatriates holding international license from various countries , who are exempted to take admission in driving institutes, get training and give exam, which takes weeks and months to get passed. Such international driving license holders can get their driving licenses transferred to UAE driving license after a simple eye test.  

Following is the list of the nationalities, who after getting UAE residence visa, can directly apply for their UAE license in RTA.  

Regardless of where in the UAE you are applying for a license, there is a common set of documents you have to carry with yourself. Here they are, in no particular order:

– Your passport (original and photocopy).
– Copy of your residence permit.
– Original driving license.
– A no-objection certificate (NOC) from your sponsor.
– One passport size photo.

Additional documents if you are from a country that requires translations and consulate letters.
If you already have an international driving license, RTA Dubai has published a list of countries whose licenses only need to be transferred. If you hold a license from any of these countries, the process of obtaining a UAE driving license is much easier. Here are the countries:

Gulf Cooperation Council member states and the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Turkey, Canada, Poland, South Korea, Finland, South Africa, Australia, Romania, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Serbia. 

If you hold a driving license from certain countries, you need to get it translated from the consulate for validation across the UAE. The countries are Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Japan, South Korea. Canadian license holders also require a letter from the consulate.

Once you have your translations and transferrals in place, it is time for an eye test. Most hospitals, clinics, and opticians offer the test for a fee of roughly AED 150. 

After you have your eyesight verified, you will need a set of documents to breeze through the process of getting yourself a driving license in UAE.

Documents required:

– Your passport (original and copy)
– A copy of Emirates ID
– Original driving license
– A no-objection certificate (NOC) from your sponsor
– One passport photo
– Additional documents if you are from a country that requires translations and consulate letters
– AED 870 in cash
– Take all of the above with you to any RTA Dubai branch, and you’ll be walking out with a freshly printed UAE driving license in a fairly short time.

Why choose ASTS Legal Translation for your driving license translation?

ASTS Legal Translation is a seasoned translation company duly approved and accredited by the RTA and Abu Dhabi traffic authority issuing UAE driving license. Not only that, we are providing legal translation services of Driving License approved in Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman, Sharjah etc…

We are perhaps the top facilitators of sworn translation of Driving License from English to Arabic and Vice Versa and different other language pairs such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Dutch etc…


RTA approved certified translation of Driving License:

ASTS Legal Translation is an RTA approved official translation agency in UAE. Our certified translation is valid for submission in RTA and other license issuing authority in UAE. If you are looking for a certified translation of Driving License, which guarantees to be accepted in the RTA, you can always rely on us.

Official translation of Driving License by ASTS Legal Translation is represented in our translation company letterhead, duly sealed and signed. ​​

We are a registered translation company in RTA and have facilitated legal translation of Driving License to more than 2000 international driving license holders.

We have also maintained positive track record of successful translation with history of 100% acceptance by RTA.

Top of all, we are a Ministry of Justice and RTA approved legal translation agency in Dubai and other traffic departments of UAE. Therefore, we assure you 100% competency of our translation for RTA which is carefully translated by our professional respective linguistic who know how to deal with the accuracy when it comes to produce translation of Driving License.


ASTS Legal Translation Dubai  is famous agency in Dubai for Certified Legal Translation Services in Dubai. We’ve been providing legal translation services in Dubai from English to Arabic and different other language pairs for varieties of documents since the year 2007.

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