Interpretation Services in Dubai

Interpretation is a direct form of art between human beings, having the ability to represent different oral translation skills and breaking the language barriers between persons from different backgrounds. These services are used to translate speeches, conversations, and other spoken languages into native or preferred languages. By providing interpreting services to your audience, you can communicate across language barriers, expediting the speed at which information can be delivered. Interpretation companies in Dubai are operating for more than a decade and serving international clients with quality services.

Dubai is not just a fantastic place for tourism; it is a great place to bring world leaders, corporations, and businessmen together for conferences. In a globalized world, language services have become a top priority in Dubai, as it ensures smooth communication between customers and staff for companies. And interpretation services in Dubai are one of its key assets to it. In this context, Dubai knew how to remain ahead of the curve, as the UAE continues to welcome thousands of business leaders and companies in every sector from all over the world for business as well as for large-scale events like the World Expo, and international cultural exhibitions.

If you will require an Arabic, English, French or Russian interpreter in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in UAE, we at ASTS offer all formats of interpretation services including simultaneous, consecutive, telephone, conference and sign language, over-the-phone, escort/travel. Our interpreters are highly professional, fully qualified, and have long-term experience following their specialized expertise.

Not sure which interpreting service you require? To help you decide, here is the explanation of each one we offer at ASTS in Dubai:

Consecutive Interpretation:

This type of interpretation is often used in small meetings, where the speaker delivers a complete note and then waits for the interpreter to deliver the same note in the translated language. As it is used in smaller-scale meetings, interviews, and medical consultations, it involves the interpreter relaying segments of speech after listening to the speaker and then making notes. This style of interpretation requires very good memory and skills in note-taking. Consecutive interpretation is easier on the interpreter since they are not trying to listen and interpret at the same time. However, it is only suitable for small business events because it also takes longer, as the speakers have to stop and wait for the interpreter.

Simultaneous Interpretation:

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter interprets speech as it is spoken. This type of interpretation does not wait for a break in a speech to translate into the target language. Instead, the simultaneous interpreter practices his/her interpretation skills while sitting in a translation booth, wearing headphones, translating the speaker’s words in the target language, and conveying it to the audience. To maintain accuracy and perfectness, there should be two interpreters in each language interpreting in a booth. The two simultaneous interpreters develop very strong coordination while sitting in a booth and exchange each other’s views and produce the best possible results. Despite the name, simultaneous interpreting is not simultaneous. The interpreter still has to hear what the speaker says so that he/she can interpret it.

Telephone or Over-the-Phone Interpretation:

Sometimes meetings take place over the phone or can be done virtually. In such cases, a joint conversation can take place where the speaker, interpreter, and listeners are involved. The speaker will speak and the interpreter will translate that for the listeners to understand. These phone calls can be scheduled or on demand. Telephonic interpretation can be done in both ways simultaneously or consecutively. However consecutive telephonic interpretation is more accurate than simultaneous telephonic interpretation. Telephone interpretation is also handy for situations where it is difficult or not cost-effective to find an interpreter that speaks the right language quickly.

Travel Interpretation:

Travel interpretation is when a client is assigned an interpreter to accompany them for the duration of the business trip. Travel interpreting is ideal for busy executives on business trips internationally and can be used to gain knowledge about the local areas and can provide custom, personal interpreting services in Dubai. These interpreters travel with small groups wherever they go on business trips. In this way, travel interpreters can also function as cultural guides that help clients navigate the cultural consideration of traveling in another country.

Whisper Interpretation:

This type of interpretation is used when one or two people do not understand the source language. We recommend this type of interpretation service for small meetings, one-to-one dialogue, tours, and visits. Interpreters who provide these types of services are required to keep the noise level at a minimum and at the same time keep up with the speaker. Participants and speakers sit next to each other thus it works best in one-to-one dialogue and social events. This type of interpretation is recommended for investors, tourists, and others who want to remove communication barriers while in Dubai or anywhere in UAE.  

So if you are looking for high-profile professional interpreters in Dubai, contact ASTS Legal Translation Services. We are dedicated to protecting the integrity and dignity of the language profession. We also assure you that our clients will always receive quality service in Dubai. Our interpretation services in UAE are available for commercial as well as public sector organizations. Whether you need simultaneous interpretation services for large-scale businesses or consecutive interpretation for small-scale businesses our experts will make sure that your content has conversed accurately.


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