Legal Translation of Birth Certificate

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Legal Translation of Birth Certificate from English to Arabic

Legal Translation of Birth Certificate of English to Arabic is a final step before you are going to apply for your dependent’s visa, especially, if the dependent is under the age of 18 years of age.  ASTS Legal Translation is pleased to offer the services of “sworn translation of your birth certificates,” which is an ultimate contribution in the process of obtaining your child’s formal and official visa. We have professionally and largely contributed our translation services for the obtaining of an “official translation of birth certificate,” to the expatriate community, which has not only helped the members of this community receive their child’s visa and having it officially issued, but also assists in the updating of their family status in the UAE official government records.

When do you need sworn translation of Birth Certificate?

If the certificate of birth is issued from your home country, and the same document is held in English or any other language, you will have to have this document officially translated into Arabic by an “accredited legal translation firm in Dubai” or the UAE.

In the event that your child was born in the UAE, and issued a Birth Certificate of UAE; you will not need any verified translation for his or her visa process.

Importance of “attestation of Birth Certificates” before legal translation?

ASTS Legal Translation” is committed to providing legal translation of Birth Certificate, subject to the conditions that, it must be attested by the UAE Embassy, following the attestations by competent authorities of its country of issuance. Once the Birth Certificate has been attested by the UAE Embassy, it has to be carried forward for final attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, following which the legal translation company in Dubai shall perform its translation services role, having been translated with a recognized and authorized translation services, in its capacity which is also referred to as the “sworn legal translation company.” It is worth-mentioning that ASTS Legal Translation is an approved legal translation office and accredited by the Ministry of Justice of UAE and has received all of the authorizations to provide the official legal translation of your Birth Certificates in Arabic and English for use both inside and outside of the UAE.


Why do I need the official translation of my Birth Certificate in Arabic for my visa process in UAE?

It is understood that the official and national language of the UAE is Arabic. It is also the official language of all of the official institutions of UAE, therefore, if your Birth Certificate is issued from a “Non-Arab country,” it is deemed obvious that the respective Birth Certificate is issued in a language other than Arabic. Therefore, the visa issuing authority of UAE is not under an obligation to accept your Birth Certificate, unless otherwise, it is translated in Arabic.

We provide professional “sworn certified translation of the Birth Certificate” in more than 200+ languages pairs.

Below is the list of language pairs in which we provide translation of birth certificates (Including but not limited to):

  • French legal translation of Birth Certificate into Arabic
  • German to Arabic sworn legal translation of Birth Certificate
  • Italian official translation for Birth Certificate in Arabic
  • Authenticated translation of Farsi Birth Certificate in Arabic
  • Spanish to Arabic sworn translation of the Birth Certificate
  • Accredited legal translation of Birth Certificate from English to Arabic
  • Official translation of Birth Certificate from Chinese to Arabic

We have shared a brief list of the languages pairs for legal translation services for Birth Certificates in UAE. It is worth-mentioning that we have implemented translation of more than 30,000 Birth Certificates, since the establishment of “Legal Translation in Dubai.”

Translation of Birth Certificate from Arabic to English:

Referring to the above information sections of this page, we have learned valuable information regarding the importance of “Birth Certificate translation into Arabic,” according to which your purpose is limited to applying for a UAE visa. Additionally, there are in fact many other instances or official reasons where the translation of Birth Certificate is needed and required to be translated from Arabic to English, from other languages to English or from one language to another language other than English and Arabic.

We provide recognized translation of birth certificate from Arabic to English and from one language to another language for many purposes including but not limited to as follows:

  • Legal Translation of Birth Certificate for Immigration to Canada
  • Accredited official translation of Birth Certificate for Embassy of UK
  • Sworn official translation of Birth Certificate for Russian Consulate
  • Official translation of Birth Certificate for Spanish Consulate in UAE
  • Legal translation of Birth Certificate for German Embassy

Similarly, we provide “certified translations of Birth Certificate in Arabic” and English and 200+ languages applicable in all embassies, consulates and other local and international governmental entities based in and outside the UAE.


ASTS Legal Translation is famous agency in Dubai for Certified Legal Translation Services in Dubai. We’ve been providing legal translation services in Dubai from English to Arabic and different other language pairs for varieties of documents since the year 2007.

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