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Why You Need Legal Translation of Court Cases?

ASTS Legal Translation is a best known company in providing quality legal translation services in Dubai. We are specialized to provide sworn translation of all types of documents for court and litigation purposes. We have an enthusiastic team of professional and qualified legitimate translators in Dubai, having great capacity and capability to produce accurate and perfect translation.

We are proud to declare ourselves as a top contributor of legal translation for documents relating to the court cases.

ASTS Legal Translation has been translating legal documents since years and our court approved official translators are making great contribution in legal matters.

We are the permanent vendors of Dubai top legal consultants and law firms, providing them certified official translation of numerous cases of their customers.​​

If you have any type of material from small range to medium and large, we are here to contribute to assist you with accurate and professional legal translation.

Legal Translation is a very specific form of translation. In legal translations, the legal translator not only has to be an experienced legal translator with legal background but he needs to undergo through years of experience and skills in legal field.

Our legal translators have track record of working with multinational legal firms in Dubai, where they had the opportunity to gain more knowledge, skills at practical level.

It is worth-noting that one particular paragraph or a meaning with wrong translation can land your case in a very difficultstage, which can be extremely disfavoured to your case. It can escalate your case to further tensions which can take plenty of time and legal process to unease.

This is why, a right choice of a certified translation company, having status of Ministry of Justice and proven record of successful translation of cases must be relied to avoid from risks and damages to your case.

ASTS Legal Translation is an officially registered sworn translation office in Dubai Courts and the courts around UAE. We are a registered legal translation company in court and maintain high accuracy and perfection to support our customers in their legal battle.

We are capable of translating large size projects within the short period of time with no compromise on quality. Thanks to our expert team of sworn translators, who work day and night to meet your deadline, so that your case gets momentum and achieve timely verdict.

One of the most differentiating reasons, why our company is well recognized among all walks of societies, is the size of our team, which is equipped with more than 100+ language pairs, which help our customers to get their legal proofs from any language to Arabic to get them recognized in all legal authorities including Police Station.

Therefore, no matter, what the language of your document is, we are all set to get it legally translated in Arabic to make it worth in all courts of UAE.

We remain alert 24 hours to receive your legal documents and get it finished within the normal and urgent deadlines. Therefore, you have not to be worried at all when it comes to meeting deadline which made our clients in lauding and praising our efforts at several occasions.

While we are engaged in translating your documents, we emphasize the necessity to keep the message of your legal documents within the same reflection, context and precision in Arabic considering that court relies on the legal translation of your documents and would make its evaluation solely based on Arabic legal translation.

We take no risk to quality amid ongoing tensions they might be facing off.

In addition, we have a team of solution makers that cater to resolve any types of crisis that our client might have been facing off amid bad translation done by an incompetent legal translator, to help our customers to avoid the negative and devastating impact on their cases. We provide translation of legal documents in compliance to the international standard for translation and the Ministry of Justice and UAE courts, which help our customers to stay away from all sorts of sufferings.

We also take full responsibility to provide the best quality legal translation to our customers. Thanks to our ambitious founders , who took the great initiative to get the ASTS Legal Translation approved by the Ministry of Justice and UAE courts. 

Types of legal documents ASLT translated in Arabic 

  • Legal Translation of commercial invoices and local purchase orders
  • Legal Translation of financial statements
  • Legal Translation of certificates, diplomas, degrees and affidavit
  • Legal Translation of sales and purchase agreements
  • Legal Translation of Power of Attorney
  • Legal Translation of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Legal Translation of Divorce Decree
  • Legal Translation of ID cards
  • Legal Translation of Driving License
  • Legal Translation of Police Reports
  • Legal Translation of Confidentiality Agreement or NDA
  • Legal Translation of Land Registration Certificate
  • Legal Translation of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Legal Translation of Share Sale Agreement
  • Legal Translation of WhatsApp communication
  • Legal Translation of Trade License
  • Legal Translation of Court Judgment
  • Legal Translation of Lease Agreement / Tenancy Contract
  • Legal Translation of Marriage License
  • Legal Translation of Bank Slips and Payment Advice
  • Legal Translation of WhatsApp messages
  • Legal Translation of offensive and abusive communication
  • Legal Translation of legal cases
  • Legal Translation of court hearing and judgment 

Legal translation specialties in other fields: 

KIIDs, statutes, IPOs, SPOs, Terms of Reference for a number of public contracts, financial statements, contracts, agreements, underwriting, structured products, immigration documents, Translating laws, decrees, resolutions, court applications, memoranda and judgments, arbitration cases, expert reports, contracts, agreements, memorandum and articles of association, powers of attorney, patent and trademark registration, feasibility studies, prospectus, financial statements, bills of lading, charter parties, insurance policies … etc.

Therefore, above are some of the fundamental reasons why ASTS Legal Translation has thrived to be one of the most opting companies when it comes to authorizes sworn legal translation for official purposes in UAE.


ASTS Legal Translation is famous agency in Dubai for Certified Legal Translation Services in Dubai. We’ve been providing legal translation services in Dubai from English to Arabic and different other language pairs for varieties of documents since the year 2007.

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