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The Canada Immigration process requires a certified translation of your documents. Legal Translation Dubai is offering certified translation to assist the individuals to achieve success in getting immigration, visa and passport for Canada. We are also providing language conversions of documents for immigration to any other country of the world. Moreover, we have a visa application typing center where our experts assist the clients in error-free form filling and typing to increase the rate of success. We have certified translators in our network to offer language conversions that are accepted by the Canadian Embassy in UAE due to which all legal requirements are fulfilled for translated documents hence, ensuring no worries to clients for the acceptance of documents at the concerned quarters. Our translated documents are guaranteed by the company. The clients are just required to send us readable scanned documents and we will complete the language conversion process in the desired time frame. Moreover, our offices are located in JLT Towers in Dubai where clients can personally submit and collect the documents. Avail the services of certified translators in Dubai and all over the UAE for Canada Immigration The documents in English or French languages are accepted in Canada so the individuals that have personal documents in any other language are required to get them translated in any of the two languages. Therefore, the services of certified translators are required here in Dubai. Certified translators add an affidavit along with the translated documents that he has translated from original documents which have the same content as of the translated ones. The translator signs the affidavit before an authorized notary public. It is the requirement of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) authority to add the certification with the translated documents otherwise the language converted documents may get rejection from the authority and applicants have to initiate the immigration process from the beginning. Experienced Translation Services in Dubai for Canadian Immigration Translation There are some rules and regulations set by the IRCC that every applicant must have to follow in order to get success in immigration process. Certified translation of documents in languages other than English and French is one of them. We are adhering to all those rules at Legal Translation Dubai. With a network of certified translators for English and French, we have been serving in the UAE for more than two decades. We have many success stories and many of our clients are settled in Canada for many years. Our experts are familiar with the requirements and even guide the clients about other procedures besides translation. We are striving hard to facilitate our clients in the best possible way so that they may achieve their targets in their desired time frame. Why choose our services for Canadian Immigration Translation? Individuals in Dubai and all over the UAE can be benefitted from these services to get their documents translated including birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational degrees and transcripts and all necessary documents used in Canadian Immigration process from any language to English and French. High quality, certified and accurate language conversions at a reasonable price is the preference of every client so we are offering the best facilities at a reasonable price that is lower than other service providers in Dubai. Clients find our services reliable for the satisfaction of their minds. Clients who contact us get a prompt response by a friendly customer support team that attends all the inquiries timely as our customer service team is available 24/7.


For all your language translation needs to trust our expertise at Al Qais Legal Translation. As a certified translation agency we specialize in providing accurate and reliable services for Legal Translation and Normal Translation. Our team of experienced translators is dedicated to delivering precise translations for legal documents, contracts, and agreements. With a focus on quality we make sure that every translation should obey the industry standards. Contact us for Certified Translation Services that cross language barriers effectively and making communication seamless across different departments. Choose Al Qais Legal Translation for excellence in Legal, Normal, and Certified Translation services.

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