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 Need top-quality legal translation services in Dubai? We are an officially licensed legal translation company in Dubai, accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice, providing professional legal translation in Dubai for all your attestation needs. “

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Dubai is hosting many immigrants from all over the world due to its opportunities for work and businesses. Dubai is a bouquet of beautiful cultures and languages. People from different countries meet and communicate with each other daily for many reasons in Dubai. Whether it’s a legal matter, medical checkup, technical support or educational research, people often need linguistic aids to overcome the language barriers. Here comes the need of translation services. There are many translation services effectively providing linguistic solutions including Legal Translation Dubai. One can judge the credibility of a translation service by the set of services it is offering to meet the maximum needs of clients, so we claim to be the best service provider in Dubai. Our clients can avail a wide range of services including translation, interpretation, content writing, subtitling and captioning, voice dubbing and voice over from Legal Translation Dubai which can be considered as essential linguistic services.

Get the benefits of 100% Acceptance of Translated Documents in Dubai and all over the UAE

In Dubai, only authorized companies can offer these services so we are officially authorized by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) UAE to offer these services. Our translations for legal documents are accepted in local courts, public and private offices, embassies and consulates. Those intended for immigration to other countries such as the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and any other country can take benefit of our expertise in the field more than two decades since 2007. 

Offices of Legal Translation Dubai are located in the most famous Almas Tower JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) in Dubai. Our services have gained popularity and trust with hundreds or even thousands of clients in the UAE and around the world. We have expert legal translators to facilitate quick reliable and 100% plagiarism-free Translation. The translators in our network are highly qualified and working for various domains due to which they have expertise to offer language conversions for many documents related to legal, medical, technical, education, tourism and many more. 

Legal Translation in Dubai is your first choice for certified legal translation in Dubai

In UAE, Arabic is used as the official language so all the legal documentation and registration is required to be done in the Arabic language. Translating a document in the Arabic language is not an easy task as the language has a complicated morphology and even the native speaker may sometimes get confused in using proper vocabulary in it. Legal Translation Dubai has a team of certified translators for Arabic and other languages. 

The English language, on the other hand, is an international language for communication around the world so it also has an importance in UAE as well. This language always serves as a bridging language between Arabic and any other language. Rarely any translator of native language other than Arabic and English has the proficiency in Arabic language too.  Therefore, the language conversion process mostly takes three steps including translation of native language to English and then English to Arabic. In this pattern, company provides translation service for over 200 languages. The highlights of the services of Legal translation Dubai are:

Here's a breakdown of the types of documents frequently translated in Dubai, UAE:

Personal Documents Translation Services

  • Birth Certificates: Required for visa applications, school enrollment, and establishing identity.
  • Marriage Certificates: Needed for residency visas, property purchases, and other legal processes involving couples.
  • Death Certificates: Used for closing accounts, settling estates, and other legal matters.
  • Divorce Certificates: Necessary for changing marital status in official records.
  • Educational Certificates and Transcripts: Important for admission to universities or applying for jobs in the UAE.expand_more
  • Medical Reports: Necessary for insurance purposes, transferring medical records, or seeking further treatment abroad.

Legal Documents Translation in Dubai

  • Contracts and Agreements: Ensures proper understanding and enforceability of business and individual agreements.
  • Powers of Attorney (POA): Grants legal authority to act on another’s behalf, and these need accurate translation for official use.expand_more
  • Court Judgments and Documents: Translations in this area must be extremely accurate for submission to UAE courts or international bodies.
  • Lawsuits and Legal Notices: Critical for understanding legal proceedings and obligations.

Business and Commercial Documents Translation 

  • Financial Statements: Translated for audit, regulatory requirements, or company reporting.
  • Company Registration Documents: Ensures the accuracy of foreign company details submitted in the UAE.
  • Marketing and Advertising Materials: Localization through translation is important for successful business outreach in the UAE.expand_more
  • Technical Manuals and Specifications: Ensures precise understanding for use of equipment or products in different markets.

Why You Need Professional Legal Translation Services in Dubai UAE

The UAE is a highly multicultural environment, and the Arabic language is its official one.expand_more Due to this, accurate and certified translations done by professional companies are often essential for official, legal, business, and even everyday interactions.


For all your language translation needs to trust our expertise at Legal Translation. As a certified translation agency we specialize in providing accurate and reliable services for Legal Translation and Normal Translation. Our team of experienced translators is dedicated to delivering precise translations for legal documents, contracts, and agreements. With a focus on quality we make sure that every translation should obey the industry standards. Contact us for Certified Translation Services that cross language barriers effectively and making communication seamless across different departments. Choose Legal Translation Dubai for excellence in Legal, Normal, and Certified Translation services.


Do you want an Arabic translation service in Dubai?

If you are looking for an efficient legal translator to facilitate English-to-Arabic translation in Dubai, or vice versa then go for Legal Translation Dubai . Famous for their expertise in handling legal documents. Whether you need legal documents translated from English to Arabic or vice versa, their team of skilled professionals is qualified to meet your requirements. Contact Legal Translation Dubai  today to discuss your requirements and benefit from their specialized Arabic translation services in Dubai.



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Our Expertise are in All Type of Translation Services

Rarely any translator of native language other than Arabic and English has the proficiency in Arabic language too.  Therefore, the language conversion process mostly takes three steps including translation of native language to English and then English to Arabic. In this pattern, company provides translation service for over 200 languages. The highlights of the services of Legal translation Dubai are:


In case of live conferences, seminars and official meetings or any other event, companies, public and private organizations often need interpreters to facilitate the audience of different languages. Moreover, mega events like UN conferences where participants are the leaders of UN member countries, interpretation services are of the importance to interact effectively.  Legal Translation Dubai has certified interpreters in its network to offer simultaneous Interpretation services. If you are intending to organize a mega event in Dubai, you can contact us to get the services of interpreters for all languages spoken in Dubai. Our interpreters provide simultaneous translation service for official speeches or conference addresses on the spot efficiently without any error in the context.


This type of interpretation is also used to conduct the sessions of mega events. Organizers hire the services of such experts who have proficiency in the source language i.e. the language of the speaker and the target language that is the desired language in which interpretation is required. Moreover, if the event is related to some professional domain, only the relevant interpreter should be hired so that he can do justice with the job. Legal Translation Dubai assigns the tasks to the interpreters that are relevant both in the sense of field and the language in order to provide accurate services. This type of interpretation is a bit different to the simultaneous, as the interpreter starts when the speaker finishes. So the interpreter should be proficient enough to remember or note down the sentences of the main speaker to reiterate thereafter.


We are also offering whisper interpretation services in Dubai. In this type of real-time interpretation, the interpreter sits or stands near the person for whom he is interpreting and speaks directly in the ear of the listener. Another way is to use headphones and a microphone while maintaining a short distance. Both methods are now popular and work for court hearings and other small scale meetings typically for a few people without disrupting the main speaker. The working principle is similar to simultaneous interpretation and is also one of the challenging tasks for the experts that requires proficiency and experience in the field.


Avail our services to hire a remote interpreter for your online conferences, webinars and other events. Participants  of the event can listen in real-time to an interpreter who is not physically present at the venue but still facilitating to many people at the same time. The audience can listen to the voice of the interpreter through their devices. This type of interpretation is very helpful in case the participants attend a meeting virtually especially after the pandemic of COVID-19, organizers of the events have realized the importance of this format. However, sophisticated and high quality equipment and a fast internet connection is required to ensure the uninterrupted session.


Legal Translation Dubai has a sufficient quantity of interpretation equipment that is also high in quality. Clients are also not to worry about the installation. Our technicians will do this job. During a live session uninterrupted sessions are important to ensure the success of the event. What if the organizers face a hardware failure? That could be disastrous. So we ensure a backup for the troubleshooting but in the first place our equipment passes through the regular maintenance that’s why there are less to no chances of problem occurrence. We also provide free consultancy to the organizers to deal with the different aspects of the event. So why go anywhere else when we are offering a bunch of facilities at your ease. Contact us today.


If you need subtitling or captioning on your media clips, we have expertise to offer you accurate and reliable services. The videos can be varying from person to person and field to field and their subtitling and captioning requirements could also be different. If the media clip is related to legal matters, its subtitling will be accurate and acceptable if it is carried out by a person who possesses the knowledge of the legal field. Similarly, the services of relevant experts will be more appropriate to deal with the videos of entertainment, medical, technical, educational and other fields. We have professional translators and producers to offer top of the line subtitling and captioning services in Dubai.

Nowadays, Youtube, film industry, television and other sources of entertainment and information contain a variety of videos whose viewership is extended up to many speakers of different languages all over the world. Business corporations and other organizations also try to reach out to a wider audience to inform them about the new products and services they have recently launched. Voice dubbing is the best way to promote your videos by offering them in different languages so the people around the world can understand them. Voice over is another way to attain business objectives. Different firms and individuals are frequently availing these services from Legal Translation Dubai. You can also give a try to our experts so that you know why we are the best service provider in Dubai.

Increase in traffic on the websites heavily depends on the standard of content displayed on them. If the text is informative, appealing and well written, the visitors spend reasonable time in reading the articles and relevant information which later on result in betterment of the website ranking and also in making the mind of clients to buy the products online. So it is advised not to compromise the quality of content by availing services of non-professional writers. Legal Translation Dubai has supported many businesses in Dubai, UAE and all over the world through creative content to rank the websites higher in search results of search engines. The content writers in our team are capable of producing the SEO optimized text that is foremost to the search requirements. Our content writing team supports all languages so website localization is another feature of our services. Clients looking for website localization can offer their website content in a variety of languages by availing our services. We meet the targets in a given time frame so that our clients can get to their targets timely.

Transcription of audios and videos clips can be helpful in many legal matters, entertainment and social media content. Most clients contact us for the transcription of videos for YouTube channels so we have made all the arrangements to deal with the content in any language. Our professional transcribers are best to offer accurate and in time transcriptions so that our clients can use them anywhere with confidence. 

The world has become globalized and businesses are seeking for more clients across borders. Website translation and localization enables the businesses to translate the website content in different languages so that the people who do not understand the languages except their native one can read the text in their own language and get the information about the products and services that are offered by the business. In this way the audience of a website is extended and the businesses find it one of the best strategies to increase their revenue. Legal Translation Dubai has an experience of two decades to offer this service and has helped many businesses to increase their website traffic. This all is done by hiring best content writers of different languages. All individuals and companies can avail these facilities in Dubai.

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