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Exchanging a foreign driving license with the driving license of Dubai demands legal translation of original license as per the requirements of RTA Dubai.  Only legal translation services are allowed to offer language conversions so that RTA may accept them. Legal Translation Dubai is an accredited company that offers legal translation of all legal documents including a foreign driving license. There are a few countries whose licenses can be exchanged without sitting in the written test or passing the practice test and the rest of the regions have to go through a complete process. 

Legal Translation Dubai is authorized to offer language conversions of licenses issued from France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Turkey and those countries whose native languages are English and Arabic. These are the countries which are included in the exemption list of RTA. 

The company has experienced and native translators to carryout language conversion tasks. They are also well aware of the rules set by the RTA Dubai due to which all immigrants are invited to avail our services so that their translated copy can get 100% acceptance at the authority. 

How to Get Translation from Legal Translation Dubai?

Our all options are simple to follow for getting documents translated. Our customer support team is available 24/7 for assistance. Clients can approach us through customer services by calling our toll free numbers mentioned on the website. There is an online ordering system too and a whatsapp link that will guide you directly to our representative on the other side. It’s all your choice, in case, if you choose the online ordering system, you need to fill a form that is very simple. Just give the details and upload the readable scanned copy of the license and press the submit button. Our representative will respond to you within a few minutes with a quote. After order confirmation, the project will be handed over to the most relevant translator. All the processes will be completed within the prescribed timing. We further give options to our valued clients to collect the translated documents either by physically visiting our offices at JLT Towers or via email and if there is enough time margin, then we will send it by post to your mailing address. 

Why Choose our Services?

Legal translation Dubai is determined to provide accurate and reliable translation of foreign driving licenses. All the expatriates that belong to those countries which are allowed by RTA to get UAE license by exchanging their licenses are invited to hire the services of our translators that have experience of many years in the field. By availing language conversions facilities, clients will be free of all worries of acceptance by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). Moreover, the best feature of this service is the intime delivery and we know very well that an unnecessary delay is undesirable in any circumstance as it can cause waste of time and money, even rejection from the authorities.  On the other hand, preserving the terminologies and wordings of the original document in the converted one is the sole responsibility of the translator which is also guaranteed. Here is another good news that our services are cost effective too. It is concluded here that Legal Translation Dubai is the right choice in Dubai for language conversion of a Driving License.


For all your language translation needs to trust our expertise at Legal Translation Dubai . As a certified translation agency we specialize in providing accurate and reliable services for Legal Translation and Normal Translation. Our team of experienced translators is dedicated to delivering precise translations for legal documents, contracts, and agreements. With a focus on quality we make sure that every translation should obey the industry standards. Contact us for Certified Translation Services that cross language barriers effectively and making communication seamless across different departments. Choose Legal Translation Dubai  for excellence in Legal, Normal, and Certified Translation services.

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