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Expert Court Case Translation in Dubai: Accuracy for Legal Success

In the complex world of court proceedings, the accurate translation of legal documents becomes paramount for fair, informed decision-making. At [Your Company Name], we offer specialized court case translation services in Dubai, with deep expertise in the language of law. Whether you’re involved in litigation, facing an appeal, or simply require precise understanding of a court judgment, our legal translators help you navigate the UAE’s judicial system with accuracy and confidentiality.


ASTS Legal Translation is a best known company in providing quality legal translation services in Dubai. We are specialized to provide sworn translation of all types of documents for court and litigation purposes. We have an enthusiastic team of professional and qualified legitimate translators in Dubai, having great capacity and capability to produce accurate and perfect translation.

We are proud to declare ourselves as a top contributor of legal translation for documents relating to the court cases.

ASTS Legal Translation has been translating legal documents since years and our court approved official translators are making great contribution in legal matters.

We are the permanent vendors of Dubai top legal consultants and law firms, providing them certified official translation of numerous cases of their customers.

Legal Translation is a very specific form

If you have any type of material from small range to medium and large, we are here to contribute to assist you with accurate and professional legal translation.

Legal Translation is a very specific form of translation. In legal translations, the legal translator not only has to be an experienced legal translator with legal background but he needs to undergo through years of experience and skills in legal field.

Our legal translators have track record of working with multinational legal firms in Dubai, where they had the opportunity to gain more knowledge, skills at practical level.

It is worth-noting that one particular paragraph or a meaning with wrong translation can land your case in a very difficultstage, which can be extremely disfavoured to your case. It can escalate your case to further tensions which can take plenty of time and legal process to unease.

Types of legal documents ASLT translated in Arabic

  • Legal Translation of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Legal Translation of Divorce Decree
  • Legal Translation of ID cards
  • Legal Translation of Driving License
  • Legal Translation of Police Reports
  • Legal Translation of Confidentiality Agreement or NDA
  • Legal Translation of Land Registration Certificate
  • Legal Translation of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Legal Translation of Share Sale Agreement
  • Legal Translation of WhatsApp communication
  • Legal Translation of Trade License
  • Legal Translation of Court Judgment
  • Legal Translation of Lease Agreement / Tenancy Contract
  • Legal Translation of Marriage License
  • Legal Translation of Bank Slips and Payment Advice
  • Legal Translation of WhatsApp messages
  • Legal Translation of offensive and abusive communication
  • Legal Translation of legal cases
  • Legal Translation of court hearing and judgment 

Legal translation specialties in other fields: 

KIIDs, statutes, IPOs, SPOs, Terms of Reference for a number of public contracts, financial statements, contracts, agreements, underwriting, structured products, immigration documents, Translating laws, decrees, resolutions, court applications, memoranda and judgments, arbitration cases, expert reports, contracts, agreements, memorandum and articles of association, powers of attorney, patent and trademark registration, feasibility studies, prospectus, financial statements, bills of lading, charter parties, insurance policies … etc.

Therefore, above are some of the fundamental reasons why ASTS Legal Translation has thrived to be one of the most opting companies when it comes to authorizes sworn legal translation for official purposes in UAE.


For all your language translation needs to trust our expertise atLegal Translation Dubai . As a certified translation agency we specialize in providing accurate and reliable services for Legal Translation and Normal Translation. Our team of experienced translators is dedicated to delivering precise translations for legal documents, contracts, and agreements. With a focus on quality we make sure that every translation should obey the industry standards. Contact us for Certified Translation Services that cross language barriers effectively and making communication seamless across different departments. Choose Legal Translation Dubai for excellence in Legal, Normal, and Certified Translation services.

Why Court Case Translation Requires Specialized Expertise

  • Complex Legal Terminology: Court cases involve highly specialized legal jargon. It takes translators with legal knowledge to ensure proper transfer of terms between languages.
  • Accuracy is Critical: A single mistranslation could significantly impact a case outcome. This is where qualified and experienced legal translators are crucial.
  • Cultural Context: Legal systems vary across countries. Our translators understand cultural nuances that might otherwise cause misinterpretations.
  • Confidentially Ensured: Court cases often involve sensitive information. We uphold the highest level of data security and client confidentiality.

Our Range of Court Case Translation Services in Dubai

We are your trusted partner for translation involving all stages of the legal process including:

  • Court Judgments: Precise translations of judgments and rulings from a foreign language into Arabic or vice-versa, depending on your requirements.
  • Litigation Documents: Thorough translation of all essential documents needed during court proceedings, including pleadings, contracts, witness statements, and more.
  • Evidence Submission: Meticulous translation of evidence presented in a foreign language, ensuring it’s admissible and correctly understood by the Dubai court.
  • Appeals Support: Translation of documents necessary for filing appeals, along with clear explanations of their content.
  • Expert Legal Consultation Alongside Translation: In collaboration with our legal partners, we can provide consultation to aid your understanding of the translated content.

The Importance of Certified Translations in the UAE

For use in Dubai courts, translations often require the following:

  • Certified Translation: Official certification by a translator recognized by the UAE Ministry of Justice.
  • Attestation: Further validation of the translated document and certification by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC).
  • Notarization: May be required in specific cases and involves further verification through a notary public.

Why Choose [Your Company Name] for Your Court Case Translations

  • Certified Legal Translators: Only translators with the appropriate legal credentials and proven track records within the UAE legal system handle your translation.
  • Swift and Dependable Service: Swift turnaround without compromising quality is critical when dealing with tight court deadlines.
  • Multilingual Capability: We cover major languages for courts in Dubai, ensuring clear communication regardless of the language barrier.
  • Uncompromising Confidentiality: Our policies and systems uphold the highest standards in safeguarding your sensitive case information.

 Additional Services to Support Your Legal Needs

  • Court Interpreting: Need on-site interpreters for live court proceedings? We offer experienced court interpreters as part of our services.
  • Document Transcription: Transcribe critical recordings and court testimonies for ease of translation.
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