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In Dubai’s thriving business environment, the precision and clarity of financial communication are paramount. At legal translation dubai, we understand the high stakes involved in financial translation. With our certified financial translation services in Dubai, ensure your financial documents are translated with the accuracy and fluency demanded by investors, auditors, regulators, and your own business goals.


ASTS Legal Translation is a specialized translation company in financial domain in Dubai. We are providing services of financial documents translation to our customers from English to Arabic and Vice Versa and more than 100+ language pairs.

Legal Translation of financial documents is appeared to be on-demand amid financial legal proceeding in the court or mediation process and many other financial purposes. We are a full-time team of financial translators who have great level skills, command and expertise in providing state-of-the-art sworn translation of financial reports and statements. All our financial translators have not only completed their degrees in finance and accounts, but also studied translation degrees with ultimate focus on financial domains. Reason, we are called a financial translation agency, is that, we do not believe in conventional use of translators.

We, as an Agency, are playing distinguished role and responsibility to cater our financial industrial client best quality financial translation services through our specialized industry financial experts with modernized linguistic capability.


You maybe needing to translate financial documents for various reasons, such as:

  •  Financial translation of reports and statements
  • Financial translation of  speeches
  • Internal and external financial documents of the company
  • Individual financial documents
  • Financial statements related to the:
    • bankpropertyreal-estateloan and many others.

However, sworn translation of financial documents is most likely to be done when it is subject to be submitted to the lawyer or for any legal purpose. 

Translation of Bank Statements

We have been providing translation of Bank statements to our individual and corporate client since many years. Translation of Bank statements is a matter of great responsibility and should be done very carefully. A small error of narration of description part , value of amount can make a big hurdle in financial or legal matters and liabilities. Therefore, certified translation of Bank statement should be done in a safe hand. This is where ASTS Legal Translation ensures you that it is one of the trusted financial translation firm and have successfully translated 2000+ Bank statement. 

Confidentiality of Financial Translation

Consider ASTS Legal Translation is your partner. We keep your data fully confidential and ensure to take out of our records after successful completion of translation. Furthermore, we are prepared to sign NDA which will further ensure the security of your data to maximum extent. We are proud to say that in the last 15 years of our business we have maintained data security of our client in financial as well as other types of contents.


For all your language translation needs to trust our expertise at Legal Translation Dubai . As a certified translation agency we specialize in providing accurate and reliable services for Legal Translation and Normal Translation. Our team of experienced translators is dedicated to delivering precise translations for legal documents, contracts, and agreements. With a focus on quality we make sure that every translation should obey the industry standards. Contact us for Certified Translation Services that cross language barriers effectively and making communication seamless across different departments. Choose Legal Translation Dubai  for excellence in Legal, Normal, and Certified Translation services.

Why Financial Translation Accuracy is Critical in Dubai

  • Regulatory Compliance: The UAE has specific financial reporting standards. Mistranslations can risk non-compliance and associated penalties.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Investors and stakeholders rely on accurate financial statements and audit reports. Our professional financial translation empowers better decision-making for your business.
  • Global Expansion: Attract international investments, partnerships, and business growth through clear and accurate translations of financial documents.
  • Reputation Protection: A single misinterpreted phrase in a financial document could damage trust in a Dubai-based business. We are your partners in upholding your reputation.

Legal Translation Dubai: Your Trusted Partner for Financial Translations

We specialize in translating a wide range of financial documents, including:

  • Financial Statements: Accurate translation of profit-and-loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, essential for reporting, and audits.
  • Audit Reports: Precise translation of audit opinions and critical observations, guaranteeing clear transmission of critical findings to stakeholders.
  • Investment Documents: Meticulous translation of offering documents, prospectuses, and feasibility studies for informed investment decision-making.
  • Accounting Documents: Comprehensive translation of account books, internal documents, and tax invoices, crucial for compliance and accounting procedures.

Why Choose Us for Your Financial Translation Needs

  • Certified & Ministry-Approved: We provide certified financial translation in Dubai, fully recognized by the UAE Ministry of Economy and associated regulatory bodies.
  • Financial & Business Expertise: Our translators combine industry knowledge of finance, accounting, and business acumen alongside strong linguistic skill.
  • Multilingual Coverage: Arabic financial translation, English financial translation, and various other languages to support your global reach.
  • Confidentiality: We ensure data security and adhere to the highest data privacy standards for your sensitive financial information.

 The Importance of Certified Financial Translations in Dubai

Official bodies within Dubai frequently require certified and sometimes even attested translations of financial documents. We guide you through the following processes, making it hassle-free:

  • Certification: A qualified and recognized financial translator officially ensures the translation’s accuracy.
  • Ministry of Justice Attestation: Attestation gives validity to the certified translation for use within the UAE legal system.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC): May be required in some cases, providing further external validation.

Beyond Accuracy: Business Insights Within Translation

We can provide consultation alongside financial translation, leveraging our in-depth understanding of business terminologies and UAE financial practices.

Our Streamlined Financial Translation Process

  1. Free Quote: Submit your financial document and receive a prompt and detailed quote.
  2. Expert Translation: Your document is carefully translated by our financial specialists, fluent in financial concepts and languages.
  3. Quality Assurance: A multi-step review process ensures your translated document is error-free and adheres to industry standards.
  4. Certification and Optional Attestation: We manage the certification and complete attestation processes when needed.
  5. Delivery: Receive your translated, certified, and ready-to-use financial documents through a secured method.

Let us become your reliable language partner for flawless financial translation in Dubai!

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